Dr. Keith Bram, DDS

Implant Dentistry Digital Workflow

Oct 04, 2023
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Implant Dentistry Digital Workflow - high resolution imaging, artificial intelligence, biologics, 100% digital workflow

Implant dentistry continues to evolve with spell binding technology enhancing outcomes with higher resolution imaging and artificial intelligence. 

We are also using Biologics which are genetically engineered materials used to augment hard and soft tissue around the dental implants. 

Grafting materials also may come from other animal sources including cows, pigs, and cadavers. 

These enhancements to implant dentistry and guided tissue regeneration dramatically improve primary stability and aesthetic reconstruction of dental implant supported prosthetics with monolithic zirconia milled with Cad Cam design. 

The digital workflow from impressions to crown and bridge placement is cleaner, faster, and more accurate. 

No more messy impression materials and plaster models traditionally used for indirect transfer of records to lab technicians through the mail. 

The next logarithmic shift will be robotic dentistry, which is currently in its incipient stage.